100 Caregiver Affirmations to Honor Yourself and the Amazing Work You're Doing 

Caregiver affirmations can be a lifesaver for those whose lives are dedicated to meeting the needs of those unable to meet them themselves. shares impactful affirmations by Andrea and other mental health professionals for caregivers (or anyone!).

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How Processing Grief Can Lead to More Authentic Connections: Interview with MenLiving

Andrea Dorn on Writing About Loss for Children, The Power of Mindfulness and Embracing those Tough, Sad Feelings

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"Grief is raw, messy, and uncomfortable, but it’s also transformative. The more we shift the conversation to grieving openly and authentically, the more we will be able to foster a community that encourages grieving well at any age."

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How to Prepare for the Death of a Loved One

Preparing for a loved one’s death is almost unimaginable, but there are steps you can take to prepare yourself.

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Andrea and other mental health experts discuss how and when parents should discuss tragedy and loss with children so that kids can learn to process these experiences in a healthy way.


Power to the Page: UWEC Grad Publishes Book Encouraging Mindfulness

UW-Eau Claire grad, Andrea Dorn, put power to the page with her new children's book, Calm and Peaceful Mindful Me, which is being published right here in the Chippewa Valley.

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Moms to See in the 803 :: Andrea Dorn

Interview with Columbia Mom: There is so much to love about Andrea’s new Mindful Steps series, the super relatable content, the cheery illustrations (which Andrea also does), and the easy to comprehend text, to name a few. I’m so glad she was up for sharing about her journey as a mother and author, as  well as her new life here in Columbia. 



Helping Children Cope With Grief With Andrea Dorn

Death and grief is complicated at any age, but particularly in children. In this episode, Brittany and Heather of The Okayest Mom Podcast speak to Andrea Dorn about helping children cope with grief and other big feelings after the death of a loved one in their life.


Mindful Steps for Young Children with Andrea Dorn

How we can teach mindfulness practices to the young children in our lives.