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What is a
process story?

A process story, created by Mindful Steps Series author, Andrea Dorn, is a story that is specifically designed to help children learn and process new concepts, skills, and transitions. Process stories incorporate simple concrete explanations while exploring  Keep reading to learn more about process stories and how they can help your child successfully learn new skills and make successful transitions! 

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A process story...

Shares information or teaches children about a new concept or skill

A process story relays information to kids in a relatable, concrete, step-wise manner. It makes difficult information accessible and easy to understand. Process stories are intentionally very literal and make great additions to the more abstract stories on the same topics in your child's library! 

Includes question prompts

A process story includes questions that prompt important open-ended discussion about the newly presented concept. This allows children to process important feelings, ask questions, and build attachment with a trusted adult.

Teaches important social emotional coping skills

Process stories encourage open ended discussion about thoughts and feelings and also offer suggested coping skills to help kids begin to learn helpful tools to work through tricky situations and emotions. 

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