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Download 10 Free Children's Grief and Loss ebooks to have when you need them the most.

Instructions for Downloading:

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1. Make sure you have the free kindle app downloaded on your phone, tablet, or kindle device.
2. Go to Amazon in your browser (Do not use the Amazon app).
3. Search each title listed below (copy and paste for easy searching!)
4. Select the "kindle edition" and "buy now for free."
5. Enjoy!
6. Consider sharing about the free book download to help us reach even more kids and consider leaving an honest review on each book you read.

  • When Someone Dies: A Children’s Mindful How-to Guide on Grief and Loss by Andrea Dorn

  • In Grandpaw’s Pawprints: A story of Loss, Life, and Love by Lauren Mosback

  • Sunny’s Magical Headband by Elisavet Arkolaki

  • When Someone You Love Has Died by Stephanie Seidler

  • What Happens When We Die? By J.R. Becker

  • The Big Adventures of a Little Tree: Tree Finds Hope by Nadja Springer

  • I Have an Angel by Laura Feldman

  • What Do You Do? When the Life of a Loved One has Come to and End by Everly Cade

  • Lacie’s Moon by Natcole Staskiewicz

  • “Go Shine My Boy” and “Go Shine My Girl” by Nichole Dale


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