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Mom, Wife, Psychotherapist,  and Author

Andrea Dorn, MSW, is a mom and licensed clinical social worker (LISW-CP) whose interest in mindfulness and behavioral theories began in graduate school. Since that time, Andrea has worked to incorporate the benefits of mindfulness into every aspect of her life and frequently uses behavioral theories to guide her clinical practice. She has found these theories, especially mindfulness, to be truly effective in transforming lives. She has also found clear, consistent, and respectful behavioral modification techniques to be crucial to developing healthy and thriving young minds. 


The Mindful Steps series was inspired after a year of major transitions in Andrea's life with two young children in tow. Andrea found there was a lack of non-fiction, single-step resources for helping her own strong-willed child navigate and know what to expect during these big changes. In order to fill this gap, she became interested in writing children's books and has discovered a true passion for the entire writing and publishing process. The Mindful Steps series combines her interest and background in behaviorism and mindfulness.

What does all of this mean for you? It means all of Andrea's work is guided by not only her clinical and mindfulness background, but also the care she takes in parenting with gentleness and intentionality. She is dedicated to helping young minds and their families learn techniques for calming their bodies, and processing changes. ​

Andrea currently works in South Carolina as a psychotherapist with adults and children of all ages. In her free time, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family (husband, kids, and dog), traveling, writing, dancing, and making meaningful connections with others.

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