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Established in 2019 , Mindful Families, LLC is a company committed to sharing and creating practical, evidenced-based, family resources that encourage mindful, connected families. Currently, a parent company for our book series, stay tuned for more mindful resources in the upcoming months! 

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Helping young minds and their families navigate new skills and big changes

Also established in 2019, The Mindful Steps is a children's how-to book series designed to help kids of all ages and developmental abilities work towards successfully navigating life changes and transitions. Informed by mindfulness and behavioral theories, this series is aimed towards all children, but especially those who have a difficult time with transitions.


We're VERY excited about our first book, expected to launch in early January called: Potty: A mindful how-to guide for toddlers and kids. Do you have a child? Are they going to use a potty? Then you need this book in your toolbox! Click below for more information on this series and our new potty guide book!


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